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There are many Page content types built into GW Drupal to present your content in an accessible, web-friendly, and mobile-first template. This allows you to focus less on page-by-page design, and more on the quality of your text and images.

Each Page content type is designed to fulfill a specific need, and most of them have additional functionality built in to extend their usability, such as sidebar feeds and A-Z directories. So it's important to use the appropriate Page content type to present your content and to take advantage of all of the features and functionality GW Drupal has to offer.

Page Content Types

A page icon with a block symbolizing an image, a short line symbolizing a date followed by several lines symbolizing lines of text


Date-driven content for news and publication type information.

A calendar icon


Date-driven content for events.

A screen icon with a person's silhouette and lines indicating text


A biography page content type.

A page icon with rectangles symbolizing form fields, circles symbolizing radio buttons and a submit button at the bottom


Creates a fillable form page.