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The Person content type is used to display a biography page. The backend admin provides a number of fields that can be used or left empty depending on how much information a content owner desires to provide and display.

Supported information to display include a headshot, office location, website link, and multiple blocks of text to provide detailed information.

Using the Person page also allows content owners to create automated A-Z listings (aka, a directory), with additional display options available via Taxonomy Lists.

Creating a Person Page


  1. Hover over Content > Add Content
  2. Click on Person


  1. Use the Person icon in the Create Content section on the top of the Dashboard

A blank content entry page will load. Fill it in as necessary to create your Person page, and then click the Save button.

  • First Name: the first name of the individual whose bio is being created, will be used as the display name and page title
  • Last Name: the last name of the individual whose bio is being created, will be used as the display name and page title
  • Summary: this should be a summary of the content in this page (no more than 160 characters), this can be displayed in page previews or search results
  • Biography: the text field for a general overview of the person
  • Middle Name: the middle name of the person whose bio is being created
  • Prefix: an abbreviation to precede the person's name, such as Dr, Ms, etc.
  • Suffix: an abbreviation to follow the person's name, such as Jr., III, etc.
  • Affiliation: the affiliation of this person, e.g. Staff, Alumni, Donor, etc.
  • Person Image:use to feature a headshot of the person
  • Official Title: the person's title
  • Credentials: display the person's credentials, such as Ph.D., M.D., etc.
  • School: the school this person works for/belongs to
  • Program: a program this person is related to
  • Department: a department this person is related to
  • Tags: leave collapsed and as is, unless a taxonomy tagging plan for the website was developed
  • Contact Info fields - display the person's contact information
    • Email Address
    • Office Phone
    • Mobile Phone
    • Fax Number
  • Campus Address: one or more physical street addresses for the person's office/s
  • Bio Detail Tabs: customizable attribute tabs
  • External Links fields: display links for the person's personal, website or social media accounts
  • Use Left Menu Checkbox: optional but not recommended for articles in most cases

Bio Detail Tabs 

Use optional bio tabs to add relevant sections to a person's page. These customizable free-form text tabs are paired with icons and can display a variety of attributes.






  • Revision Log Message: optional; leave a message associated with this version of the page
  • Authoring Information: leave as is
  • Meta Tags: use to provide page-specific metadata for search engine optimization
  • Menu Settings: always check the "Provide a menu link" checkbox
    • Delete the link text to maintain the breadcrumbs, but prevent a link from appearing in the navigation bar, dropdown or sidebar. Recommended for Article and Event pages; and, typically, for Person pages
  • URL Alias: leave as is, unless you want or need to customize the page link
  • Publishing States:
    • Draft (default for new pages) is an unpublished page only accessible to logged in Drupal users
    • In Review is used to save an unpublished version of the article to be reviewed
    • Published pushes the page live to website visitors and is only accessible to a Content Owner or Site Owner

Once all fields are completed as necessary, click the Save button to commit your changes.


Sample Person Page