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GW Drupal is the official website content management system for the George Washington University's administrative and academic websites. It is an enterprise service at GW, and is co-managed by GW Communications & Marketing Digital Support and GW Information Technology. While GW IT maintains the codebase, GW Communications & Marketing provides design and website project support, as well as training and troubleshooting support.

This website is meant to provide step-by-step instructions, self-paced tutorials, demonstrations of features, and other tips and tricks.

Get to Know GW Drupal

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Review the Basics

New to GW Drupal or need a refresher? This collection of tutorials provide an overview of the service, walkthroughs of basic content entry tasks, and site management information.

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Make Your Content Web Accessible

At GW, we are committed to making the web accessible for all. To meet these needs, it is important to empathize with all of your users, and to create and enter your content with web accessibility practices in mind.




GW Drupal is Responsive for Mobile

Did you know that, on average, 40% of GW's web traffic comes via a mobile device? No need to worry because GW Drupal is built with responsive web design principles in mind. Content on GW Drupal websites will shift depending on the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

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Website Services & Support

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Troubleshooting Support

Can't remember how to do that thing? Something not working as expected? Take advantage of our Office Hours for one-on-one support.

Office Hours



Other Website Services at GW


GW Blogs

Looking to create a blog, microsite or a personal site for yourself? Our GW Blogs service may be just what you need!

Learn more about GW Blogs