Photo Gallery

Photo Galleries are used to display a series of related photos. They can be added to existing pages like Basic Pages or Articles using the WYSIWYG text editor. 

Create a Photo Gallery

Photo Galleries can be created using the Drupal admin menu bar.

  1. Hover over Content, then Media, then Add Media, then, Gallery
  2. Name your Photo Gallery
  3. In the Media Items section use the Select Media button to upload photos or choose photos that have been added to the Media Library
  4. Click each photo you want added to the library
    • Selected photos will appear in a row on the bottom of the Select Media window
    • To remove a photo from that row, hover over the photo and click the x button in the top right corner of the image
  5. Once you have chosen all of the photos for your gallery click Use Selected
  6. Review the selected photos in the Media Items section and drag to change the order they are displayed
  7. When the photos are in the correct order click Save to finish your Photo Gallery

Note: Titles or captions added to images will be displayed in the Photo Galley - see the example gallery on this page.


screenshot of the photo gallery settings screen
Screenshot of the Add Gallery page


screenshot showing the select media window
Row of selected photos in Select Media window


You have now created your Photo Gallery. Next, you will need to add it to the desired page.

Add a Photo Gallery to a Page

Photo Galleries can be easily added to any content type with a WYSIWYG text editor. Follow these steps to add one to a page.

  1. When editing a page, place your cursor where you want to add the gallery and use the Gallery icon () in the  WYSIWYG editor toolbar
  2. Click on the gallery you want to add and then click the Select Media button
  3. Then click Embed
  4. Save the page to view your Photo Gallery
screenshot of the select media item to embed window
Screenshot of a selected Photo Gallery

Example Photo Gallery