Logging In

First and foremost, a GW Drupal account must be created for you before you can log in. If you need access to more than one site, an account must be created in each one. Any existing Site Administrator within the office that owns the website can create user accounts.

Who Has Access

To log into a GW Drupal website, you must have an active GW UserID as a current faculty, staff or student. Contractors and third party organizations must have an active affiliate GW UserID. Organizational UserIDs are not supported.

Never share your GW UserID login credentials! Sharing your GW UserID credentials provides access to many GW services and is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy for Computing Systems and Services.

How to Log In

Having an active GW UserID does not automatically constitute backend access to GW Drupal websites. First, a current Site Administrator on the applicable site must create an account for anyone who needs backend access. Once an account has been created, editors and admins can log into that specific GW Drupal website by adding "/user" to the end of the website's address. For example, sitename.gwu.edu/user.

On the login page, enter your GW UserID username in the username field and your GW UserID password in the password field.


Login fields for GW Drupal

Enter your GW UserID username and password into the appropriate fields

Recommended Browsers

GW Drupal works best in the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer is not supported. 

CCAS Users

GW Drupal site owners and content managers in the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences (CCAS) must use their CCAS Cloud Account credentials to log into GW Drupal websites.


CCAS cloud account login fields for GW Drupal

Enter your CCAS Cloud Account username and password into the appropriate fields

If you do not currently have backend access to a CCAS website, you must first contact  to get your account configured. You must also complete a CCAS Drupal 2022 Overview training with GW Communications & Marketing Digital Support or through the online training module maintained by the CCAS Office of Communications & Marketing. Email  to get started.Forgot your Cloud account password? Use the self-service password reset tool

Access Denied Message

Your login credentials for GW Drupal are your GW UserID and your GW UserID password.

Should you find yourself locked out of your GW Drupal website due to entering incorrect credentials too many times, please note that the lockout period lasts 6 hours. Regretfully, there is no way to bypass or shorten the lockout period.

Password Reset

The password reset links on the login page are nonfunctional. Unfortunately, they are a standard part of the login page that cannot be hidden from the display.

However, we do not advise resetting your GW Drupal username and password to regain access, as this technically means that you are actually resetting your GW UserID username and password. This change will affect all GW services that require GW UserID authentication to log in (i.e. your GW email account, GWeb access, Blackboard, etc...).

Error 1006 access denied message due to not being on a GW wired or wireless network

Cloudflare access denied error message 1006

In 2018, hosting of the GW Drupal platform was moved to the cloud. This change necessitated an additional layer of security - which went into effect on April 2018 - requiring all GW Drupal users to be on a GW network to access the login page and backend of a GW Drupal website.

  • Users on campus should confirm that they are on a GW wired or wireless network before attempting to log into a GW Drupal website.
  • Off-campus users will need to first log into the GW VPN before attempting to log into a GW Drupal website.