Images & Media banner with various social media icons, a camera icon and a video camera icon

Images & Media

Media - from videos to social content - can add a dynamic and engaging element to your website. And GW Drupal offers several, easy-to-use methods for adding them.


An illustration of a polaroid-type photo and a camera


Images are hosted within your GW Drupal website. And, depending on your theme, either need to be at exact dimensions or simply high-resolution uploads.

An illustration of a film strip, a video camera and a video play button


GW Drupal easily allows you to feature YouTube- or Vimeo-hosted videos on your website, either directly on the page or in a lightbox player.

An illustration of a piece of paper


Like images, documents are hosted within your GW Drupal website. Once uploaded, it's a quick and easy process then to create links to your documents.

An illustration of a smartphone with chat bubbles on the screen

Social Media

Incorporating social media posts is a great way to feature media-rich, user-generated content, as well as up-to-date information for your website visitors.