Drafts & Published Content

As you work on content in GW Drupal you will want to save what you have done. You can save content as a draft, only visible to logged in users or as published content visible to anyone. 

Saving Content as a Draft

It is important to save your work as you create or update content because Drupal does not have an autosave feature. Using the Save button at the bottom of the page will preserve all of your work in a draft. This moderation state is only visible to logged in users and is a great way to save a work in progress. Once you have saved as a draft you will see tabs at the top of the page that allow you to view your draft, edit your draft and view the published version of your content. 


image of Drupal moderation tabs highlighting view published, view draft, and edit draft

Saving Content as Published

Publishing content is not available for all User Accounts. It is restricted to Content Supervisors and Site Adminitrators; Contributor users can only save content as a draft. When you are ready to publish something, you will do so by going to the publishing options at the bottom of the page and changing the moderation state from draft to published. Next, use the save button to finalize your decision. Once this content is saved and published it will be live and visible to all users visiting your site or searching for keywords found in your content. 


animation of the moderation state being changed to published

Unpublishing Content

In some cases, you may need to unpublish content that is live on your site. Rather than deleting the content you can change it from published back to a draft. You can do this by going to the Moderate tab. All content edits will be listed in reverse chronological order with the published revision displayed in green. Select Unpublish from the Moderation Actions column to return the content to the Draft moderation state. Site Administrators are also able to publish and unpublish content in bulk using the Update Options selector of the Content tab.


screen capture displaying the unpublish feature in the moderate tab