Uploading & Linking Documents

Providing access to documents is quick and easy in GW Drupal, and is the same in both the GW Drupal Classic theme and the GW Drupal Editorial theme.

As always, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Multiple documents cannot share the same filename
    • GW Drupal will append duplicate document names with '_x', where 'x' is a sequentially assigned number (ex: document_0.pdf, document_1.pdf, etc...)
  • Once a document has been uploaded once, it is available across the website via File Browser and does not need to be uploaded again
  • Whenever possible, do not include blank spaces in filenames as this can cause issues with some browsers when the document link is shared

Uploading & Linking to a Document

On the page where the document is needed:

  1. Type in contextual link text that will serve as the document link
    • Ex: the document name or an action, such as "submit your application"
    • Also, be sure to include the document type in parenthesis after your link text
      • Ex: Document Name (PDF)
  2. Highlight your contextual link text
  3. Click on the link icon in the WYSIWYG menu
    • The Link properties window will open
  4. Change the Link Type to URL
  5. Click on the Browse Server button
    • File Browser will open
  6. Be sure that you're in the Downloads folder, and then click on the Upload button
  7. Click Choose File to locate the desired document on your computer
  8. Once found, double-click on the file or click the Open button
    • The file name will be populated in File Browser's upload field
  9. Click the Upload button to upload the file to your GW Drupal website

You should see a confirmation message if it uploads successfully. You will see an error message if the upload fails.

Deleting a Document

  1. Click on your UserID in the upper right corner of the browser window
    • You will be taken to your profile page
  2. Click on the File Browser tab
  3. Locate the document you'd like to delete
  4. Highlight the file and click the Delete icon in File Browser

You should see a confirmation message if it deletes successfully.

Known Issue

If you see the error message "File name is in use by another application", when you try to delete a document, this is not a bug but is a known issue with the Workbench Moderation module.

Workbench Moderation allows GW Drupal to store previous versions of a piece of content so that you can revert to it if necessary.

So, essentially, the file has been uploaded to a previously saved page or Promotion on the site. And then, at some point, that page or Promotion was edited and re-saved. GW Drupal has stored all previous versions of the page or Promotion, including images and documents, and will not allow these assets to be deleted unless those previous versions of the page or Promotion are also deleted (under the Moderate tab on the applicable page(s)).