Tips & Troubleshooting


There are going to be times when you will need to make advanced configurations or to troubleshoot an issue in GW Drupal. Here are some good to know tips, as well as some of the most common issues and steps that you can take to address them.

Actions Any User Can Take

  • Use the Summary Text field to create custom teaser text for feeds.

Actions a Content Supervisor or Site Administrator Can Take

  • Create custom content panes to create standalone content panes on a page.
  • Use the Customize this Page interface to view and manage all of the active content panes on a page.
  • Use Content Cloning to create a mirror-copy of a content item. This is helpful to create templates or to quickly create a nearly similar copy of an existing content item.
  • Use Content Sharing to share one page of content across two different GW Drupal websites. This is helpful in reducing errors.

Actions only a Site Administrator Can Take

  • Flush the Cache to purge Drupal's short term memory when edits do not immediately appear.
  • Implement redirects when a page URL changes and you need to send users to the correct page link.
  • Use Panelizer to remove all page customizations and set it back to its default layout.

Still need help?

If these tips and tricks do not address your questions or concerns, feel free to take advantage of our in-person and virtual Office Hours for one-on-one support, or to email [email protected].