Taxonomy Terms

In GW Drupal, the taxonomy is a set of keyword terms (a.k.a. tags) used for content categorization. The taxonomies you'll most commonly interact with in your day-to-day maintenance and when configuring Feeds and Taxonomy Lists are:

  • Article: Used for managing Article subtypes
  • Event: Used for managing Event subtypes
  • Person: Used for managing Person subtypes
  • Site Placement: Used to tag content so it is associated with a given section on your site
  • Tags: Freeform tags that can be used in a variety of ways

These additional taxonomies are not commonly used, but are available if needed:

  • Academic Discipline; Audience; Category; General Content; Geographic Coverage; Location; Programs; School

Managing Taxonomy Terms

Site Administrators have the ability to add, edit, and delete taxonomy terms.

  1. Hover over Taxonomy in the Drupal admin bar
  2. Click on the desired taxonomy
    • You will then see the current list of terms
  3. Click the Edit link under the "Operations" column to edit existing terms
  4. Click the Add Term link (above the defaults) to create new terms
  5. Type or Paste in the new term in the Name field
  6. Leave all other fields blank/as is
  7. Click the Save button
    • You should see a confirmation message that your new term has been created
  8. Back on the main taxonomy terms list page, drag the new term to the desired location
  9. Click the  Save Configuration button

Things to Note

  • Site Placement terms are hierarchical, with a parent-child relationship.
    • The "Home" term should be the parent to all other terms.
    • All other terms should be indented beneath the "Home" term. Making them "children" terms.
    • You can indent a third time to the "grandchild" level, if desired.
    • Newly created terms are always added to the top of the list. Be sure to indent them under the "Home" parent term to maintain the proper parent-child relationship.
  • If a term is deleted, any existing pages on the site that use that term will not be deleted. However, those pages will no longer inherit elements like Brands and Hero banners or display in feeds or other areas that look for that Site Placement term.
  • If a term is deleted and it belongs to a taxonomy associated with a required field (such as the Event or Article subtype), any pre-existing pages that use that term must have a new term selected before any edits can be saved.