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Supporting Content


As site owners, we often add content to web pages to add more context, increase their usability, and make them more dynamic. These types of elements are referred to as supporting content and typically come in the form of elements like Promotions, quick link Lists, Grids, and sliders, to name a few.

In both themes of GW Drupal, you must always create the supporting content first, independent of the page you'd like to feature it on. Supporting content is then typically added in one of two methods:

  1. Using the Right and/or Left Sidebar Content fields on the New Draft tab of page content types
  2. Using the Customize this Page button for dynamic elements

Supporting Content by Theme

There is a lot of overlap of elements shared between the two themes, however, some are specific to Classic GW Drupal websites vs Editorial GW Drupal websites.


Shared Elements Editorial Theme Only Classic Theme Only
  1. Archives
  2. A-Z Lists
  3. Buttons
  4. Feature Spotlight content set
  5. Hero banners
  6. Image Teaser content set
  7. List content set
  8. Photo Gallery
  9. Promotion
  10. Quicktab module
  11. Rotating Sidebar content set
  12. Taxonomy Lists 
  1. Editor's Picks content set
  2. Grid content set
  3. Media Slider content set
  4. Mini Panels
  5. Promotion Slider content set
  1. Carousel content set
  2. Repeating Sidebar content set
  3. Social Media Sidebar content set