Repeating Sidebar

The Repeating Sidebar content set allows you to display sidebar items consistently throughout the entire website or throughout a specific section via Site Placement versus adding the item(s) to each individual page. For instance, you can display a Promotion or a List of quick links throughout, if desired.

As with all Content Sets, the item(s) that will be featured must be created first, before they can be added to the Content Set.

Create a Repeating Sidebar


  1. Hover over My Workbench > Create Content
  2. Click on Content Set
    • A blank content entry page will load.
  3. Select All Purpose Sidebar - Rotating from the required Subtype dropdown options
  4. Under Onsite Content, type in the name of the pre-existing content item you'd like to feature
    • Drupal will display a list of matching items
  5. Select the appropriate item
    • You must select from the list. Do not simply type in the item's name.
  6. Click the Add Another Item button to add additional slides
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5
  8. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  9. Click on the Publishing Options panel
  10. Set the Moderation State to Published
  11. Click the Save button

Add a Repeating Sidebar to a Page

The Repeating Sidebar content set uses Site Placement to understand which page(s) to display on. In short, the page(s) and the Repeating Sidebar content set must share the same Site Placement value.

For the Homepage

Keep in mind, that Site Placement is hierarchical, using a parent-child relationship, with "Home" being the parent term for all others. So, using the "Home" Site Placement value tells Drupal to display the Repeating Sidebar content set from the homepage down to all subpages.

For Subpages

If you only want to display the Repeating Sidebar content set across a set of subpages, it must share the Site Placement value for that section. For instance, if you want to display it across pages under an About section on your website, that section must have a unique Site Placement value (like "About") and the Repeating Sidebar must also be given that Site Placement value.