Editor's Picks

Exclusive to the Editorial theme, the Editor's Picks content set allows you to display handpicked items in a two-by-two column layout. This is a great way to feature news items that you want to have a presence on your website past their chronological publication date.

The display features the items' title, Main Image (optional) and summary text, and it supports Article pages, General Content pages and Promotions.

As with all content sets, the content that will be featured must be created first.


The Editor's Picks from GW Today, a total of 6 articles

Source: GW Today

Create an Editor's Picks content set

  1. Hover over My Workbench > Create Content
  2. Click on Content Set
  3. Under the required Subtype dropdown, select Editor's Picks
  4. Under Onsite Content, type in the name of the Promotion, Article or General Content page you'd like to feature
    • Drupal will display a list of matching items
    • You must select from the list. Do not simply type the name into the field.
  5. Click the Add Another Item button to add additional items
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5, as necessary
  7. Scroll down to the Site Placement listbox
  8. Select "Home"
  9. Scroll down to the Publishing Options panel
  10. Change the moderation state to Published
  11. Click the Save button

Add the Editor's Picks to a Page

Note: these steps can only be performed by a Content Supervisor or a Site Administrator

  1. Click the Customize this Page button at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select GW Drupal Display Views - Site Placement from the menu options
  3. Filter the list by "Editor's Picks"
  4. Select Content Set - Editor's Picks Home Page
  5. Check the "Override Title" checkbox to hide the title or to customize the title that will display above the Editor's Picks on the page
  6. Check the "Show image" checkbox if you'd like to display an image

Remove an Item from the Editor's Picks

  1. Hover over My Workbench
  2. Click on All Recent Content
  3. Use the Title field to search by name or the Type dropdown to filter by "Content Set"
  4. Locate the desired Editor's Picks content set and click the Edit link
  5. Under Onsite Content, delete the title of the item you'd like to remove
  6. Scroll down to the Publishing Options panel
  7. Set the Moderation State to Published
  8. Click the Save button