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GW Drupal websites come in three themes:

  • GW Drupal Classic, the original theme launched with the introduction of the GW Drupal website service
  • GW Drupal Editorial, a more recent theme offering a refreshed look and flexible layouts
  • GW Drupal 2022, the newst version of GW Drupal offering even more content customization options and a redesigned back-end

All themes are designed to ensure that:

  1. The fonts and colors are within GW's Visual Identity Standards & Guidelines
  2. The design meets 508 compliance for web accessibility
  3. Websites are responsive to mobile devices


The GW Drupal Classic theme is the original theme designed for the launch of the GW Drupal website service at the George Washington University in 2012.

It is based on a standard two or three column webpage layout. Additionally, it is characterized by:

  • a blue header at the top of the page with the GW portrait logo and a search box
  • a local Brand and Hero banner beneath the header
  • a navigation menu that is either a buff horizontal bar or vertical list

In general, websites launched between 2012 and 2015 will be in this theme.


The GW Drupal Editorial theme was designed and launched in 2015, heavily influenced by editorial and publication type material, such as GW Today.

The design of this theme emphasizes high-resolution imagery, short chunks of text, and flexible page layouts.

Other defining elements include:

  • a white Main Header with the site owner's logo and an optional call-to-action button link
  • a blue navigation bar that "sticks" to the top of the page when scrolling
  • page layouts with and without sidebars
  • pre-styled templates within the text editor for fluid layouts and content


Example of Editorial theme:

The GW Drupal 2022 theme is built using the latest version of Drupal and has been customized to fit GW's existing web presence. It was introduced at the beginning of 2022 and will be the standard theme for academic and administrative websites going forward. It's front-end appearance closely resembles the Editorial theme but has a completely new and more modern back-end.

You can find more information about the new theme and instructions for using it on the new Drupal 2022 Demo & Training site

Screenshot of the GSEHD homepage with the 2022 theme

Source: the Graduate School of Education and Human Development homepage

Custom Design & Development

GW Drupal is an enterprise service at the university, meaning all of the websites using the service share the same codebase. So every GW Drupal website has the same core styles, features, and functionality from site to site.

Any changes that are pushed to the GW Drupal codebase will affect all GW Drupal websites.

For that reason, customizations to the codebase (ex: the navigation, fonts, etc...) on a site-by-site basis are not supported.