Customize this Page

The Customize this Page button displays all of the active content panes on a page. Each content pane is designed to display a specific type of content and includes some configuration options. Only Site Administrators and Content Supervisors to add, delete, modify or move content panes.

In most cases, Customize this Page will be used to build and manage the homepage, but in general, it should not be used to add content to sidebars.

Using the Customize this Page Feature

  1. Click on the Customize this Page button
  2. Locate the existing content pane you want to modify
    • If the content pane that you need is not present, click the plus icon (+) above the region you want to add a new content pane to
      • On the next window, use the menu on the left to locate which type of content pane you need to add:
        • A-Z Lists - create taxonomy-based, alphabetized lists for Person pages, General Content pages and Webform pages
        • Bulletin - embed content from the University Bulletin
        • Content Sharing - embed content from another GW Drupal website
        • GW Display Views Site Placement - a large collection of content panes for default displays of GW Drupal content
        • Mini Panels - add Mini Panel blocks to the page
        • Miscellaneous - add Quicktab panels and RSS feeds
        • Photo Gallery - add a photo gallery
        • Taxonomy Lists - keyword-based lists of General Content pages, Article pages, Event pages and Person pages
        • New Custom Content - creates a one-off content item on the page that is only accessible to Site Administrators and Content Supervisors and is editable from this page (use sparingly!)
        • Existing Node - pulls in a pre-existing piece of content (use sparingly!)

After selecting the content pane that you need, you will see a configuration window. The majority of these fields are repetitive across the various content pane configuration windows.

The configuration window for customizing a content pane on the page

  • Override title - displays a custom title on the page
  • Num Items - specify the number of entries to display in a feed or list
  • Article Type (or Event type) - select the subtype taxonomy term that should populate the feed
  • Display Options - define how the text and images in your item should display (some options only work with specific content types)
  • Image Size - some image size options only work with specific content types


  1. Click the Finish button
  2. Use the crosshairs on the content pane to drag it to the desired spot on the page
    • a yellow highlight will indicate the active region
  3. Use the trash can to delete a content pane from the page
    • Unless it is a one-off Custom Content ane, it does not delete the content from the website
    • You do not need to delete the default content panes on the page
  4. Click the Save button anchored at the bottom of the page to save your new page layout
  5. Or click the Cancel button to cancel updates to the page layout