Custom Content Panes

Custom content panes should be used sparingly as they are difficult to manage administratively. While it is possible for Content Supervisors to create Custom Content Panes directly on the page, once saved, it is not possible to make edits to it. At that point, the content is only accessible to Site Administrators from the Drupal admin menu under Structure > Custom content panes.

Custom content panes create a standalone content pane on the page, into which any text or images can be placed. For advanced users, it can also be used to add custom CSS and Javascript to the page.


Recorded demo of a custom content pane being added to the page

Adding a Custom Content Pane

  1. Click the Customize this Page button
  2. At the bottom of the left sidebar menu, click Custom Content Pane
  3. Type or paste a title into the Administrative Title field
    • this is a backend field that only logged-in users will see
  4. If desired, type or paste in a title into the Title field
    • this is the title website visitors will see
  5. Use the Body field to enter your text and images
  6. Click the Finish button on the window
  7. Click to Save button on the page

If you are interested in using Custom Content Panes for Javascript and/or custom CSS, please email [email protected] to discuss your use case and to receive recommendations or assistance.