Content Sharing

Often, there is an overlap in the information that needs to be shared across two different GW Drupal websites. In these cases, it is not ideal to create a duplicate page on each site, as there is always the risk that one of the pages will not be updated in a timely fashion or the information will vary ever so slightly, leading to discrepancies and a negative experience for your website visitors.

Duplicating pages also causes them to compete against each other for higher search engine optimization ranking and confuses users who have to then determine which is the more appropriate source.

To aid in these situations, a Content Sharing feature is available in GW Drupal. Content Sharing allows one GW Drupal website to mirror the content hosted on another GW Drupal website. Changes on the host website are automatically captured by the borrowing website.

Supported Content Types

  Classic Theme Editorial Theme
General Content page X X
Article page X X
Event page    
Person page X X
Testimonial page    
Webform page    
Promotion X X

What gets shared

  1. The original content title
    • Note, if the title has been customized on the host site, the borrowing site will not display the custom title. It will display what was entered in the Title field on the host site's backend.
      • The borrowing site can use the Customize this Page options to display a custom title
  2. The Body text field
  3. The Main Image (if present)

Screenshot of a page from the commencement website identifying the shared content fields, #1 the page title, #2 the body text and #3 the main image.

What does NOT get shared

Anything that is not in the Body field, including:

  • sidebar content
  • any customizations on the host page, such as:
    • feeds
    • social media embeds
    • animated elements

What information is necessary

  • The base domain of the host website
  • The node ID of the item you want to borrow
    • You will have to contact the host site's main point of contact for this information

Using Content Sharing

  1. Click on the Customize this Page button
  2. Select Content Sharing from the menu of options
  3. Type or paste in the host website’s base domain
    • There should not be anything after “” in the domain
  4. Type or paste in the Node ID of the content to be shared from the host website
  5. Click the Finish button
  6. Drag the Shared Content pane to the appropriate location on the page
  7. Click the Save button

You should now see the content from the host website mirrored on your own (you may need to click the browser refresh button).

Sharing between a Classic & Editorial GW Drupal Website

Sharing content between a GW Drupal website using the older (i.e. Classic) theme and the newer (i.e. Editorial) theme is technically possible.

However, since images are handled differently between the two themes, it is recommended that you do not display the image in these cases.