Exclusive to the Classic theme, the Carousel can be used to feature the title, image, and a summary blurb for up to nine pieces of content in a horizontally scrolling format.

An animated demo of a carousel slider with 5 slides

This element is also sometimes referred to as the Carousel Slider.


As with all Content Sets, you must first create the individual content items that will be featured in the Carousel first.

Using the Carousel is done in two parts. First, you must create the Carousel and, second, you must add it to the desired page.



  1. Hover over My Workbench > Create Content
  2. Click on Content Set

A blank content entry page will load.

  1. Select Carousel from the required Subtype dropdown options
  2. Under Onsite Content, type in the name of the pre-existing content item you'd like to feature
    • Drupal will display a list of matching items
  3. Select the appropriate item
    • You must select from the list. Do not simply type in the item's name.
  4. Click the Add Another Item button to add additional slides
  5. Repeat steps 4 and 5
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  7. Click on the Publishing Options panel
  8. Set the Moderation State to Published
  9. Click the Save button

For the Homepage

By default, the homepage of the GW Drupal Classic theme website has a content pane on standby for displaying the Carousel slider. To allow your Carousel slider to display there, you simply need to give it a Site Placement value of "Home" before it is published.

If the Carousel slider does not display, that likely means that its content pane has been deleted. A Site Administrator will need to restore the GW Content Set - Image Carousel Home Page content pane back to the homepage via the Customize this Page button in order for the feature to work as expected.

On a Subpage

Subpages are not designed to display Carousel sliders by default. However, it is possible to configure them to do so.

  1. A Site Administrator will need to add the GW Content Set - Image Carousel Overview Page content pane to the desired page via the Customize this Page button.
  2. The Carousel must be given a Site Placement value that matches the Site Placement value on the desired page.

If, after following these steps, the Carousel does not display please take advantage of Online Strategy's Office Hours for further support.